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Your premier source for custom wire, harness and electro-mechanical assemblies.

R&A Techniques Inc. is a full service contract manufacturing firm. We excel in the manufacturing of production runs for virtually every industry. Through our streamlined, advanced operating techniques and personalized service we are able to manage your project with 100% satisfaction. We are an American company with traditional values and business ethics and take great pride in our business partnerships. We embrace the opportunity to create new relationships and welcome your inquiries.


  • Saves headaches with labor scheduling
  • Saves valuable time not having to search for parts
  • No spare parts inventory to receive and manage
  • No quality control procedures to worry about
  • Much lower manufacturing cost
  • Much lower labor cost


  • Competitive pricing
  • Plug and play assemblies, 100% tested
  • We will manage inventory
  • Cost effective parts outsourcing
  • Almost 20 years of experience managing customers projects
  • Your emergency is our urgency